Do I need PoE+ to control 2 magnetic locks with an EntroStar?

Answer:  It depends on the lock. Some newer locks, like VORTEX VX2400LP, pull only 300mA@12V.


Other related questions/answers:


Q.         Do I have to power EntroStar over PoE/PoE+?

A.         No, an optional 12vPSU with/without battery can be specified.


Q.         If I choose PoE/PoE+ can I still connect a battery?


A.         Yes, the PoE/PoE+ supply will actually trickle charge the battery.


Q.         What happens to my card/access data if I lose power to the EntroStar? 


A.         All card/access data is held in non-volatile memory.



Q.         Why won't my EnstroStar unit power from a 12VDC battery?


A.         For the EntroStar power supply and battery, the battery back-up will only work when it switches over from mains power.  If you have powered up the unit and then lose power, the battery will take over.  You cannot just connect a battery and turn the unit on. This is because the unit disconnects the battery from the circuit when the battery gets too low.  Therefore, when the unit is powered off and there is NO BATTERY, the battery circuit gets disconnected as there are 0 volts present on the battery line. When the mains power is present, the battery circuit is connected.  When the mains power disappears, the battery will take over.  After the battery drains to a certain level, the board will disconnect the battery from the unit.  It will not reconnect that circuit until mains is reapplied.



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