To assist our customers in maximizing the performance of their StarWatch systems and sub-components, DAQ provides a “Help Desk” interface that includes a searchable knowledge base and a ticket management system.





Due to the sensitive nature of our security-related software and equipment, the knowledge base provided within the StarWatch Help Desk is necessarily limited in scope. Where appropriate, we will include technical articles to assist with common problems and offer tips for successful setup and operation, but most of the information will remain at a surface level by design.

By typing questions or keywords into the Ask a Question field at the top of the Help Desk page, you can access articles relevant to your specific hardware/software issue.  A quick search of the knowledge base is often the best first step in resolving a technical issue or concern.




If you are unable to find the information you need in our knowledge base, you can request assistance by submitting a ticket to our customer support team. This is the most efficient method for receiving direct support. Note that in the case of a truly urgent concern, you can call our support line at 732.981.0050, but submitting a ticket is the preferred method for addressing most issues. The system allows us to distribute, assign, track, and resolve issues with an improved level of support.


To initiate a service ticket, click on the Submit a ticket link at the top of the Help Desk page and fill in the required fields in the ticket form - for the best service results, please describe your issue in detail and attach your configuration file. When all fields are complete, clicking the Submit ticket button will send your request to our support engineers for processing - you will be provided with a ticket number for future reference. A member of our support staff  will contact you in a timely manner.



We hope that these Help Desk tools will improve your DAQ customer experience.