EntroStar power / electrical requirements



Supply:       PoE:         12.9W (min) 15.4W (max)

                  PoE+:       25.5W (min) 34.2W (max)

                  DC:           14V (+10% / -25%) 50W (max)

                  Note:         DC input incorporates reverse polarity protection


Power Available for         PoE:          7.2W (min) 9.6W (max) total

External Equipment:       PoE+:       17.7W (min) 26.4W (max) total

                                    DC:            45W (max) total

Note:          Each Output A / Output B pair is limited to 800mA PoE/PoE+) and 1.5A (DC)

Note:          Each reader port is limited to 500mA @ 25°C derated to 300mA @ 70°C


Battery:       Type:              Lead-acid

                   Voltage:         12V

                   Capacity:       7Ah (recommended)

    Note:  Battery charge times will be extended when using a larger capacity battery

    Note:  Battery connection incorporates reverse polarity protection


Outputs:       Contact Rating:       2A 30V dc